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Discovering Government Documents
Students develop an awareness of the importance of local government records and how they can enrich their understanding of history, and analyze a variety of local government records through a guided learning experience.

Publication Date: December 1969

Number of pages: 26 total (cover page - 1; interpretive guide - 12; primary source documents - 13)

PDF files available for download:
Interpretive Guide (163kb)

Primary Source Documents:
document_01 (634kb)
document_02 (750kb)
document_03 (539kb)
document_04 (653kb)
document_05 (556kb)
document_06a (398kb)
document_06b (550kb)
document_07 (438kb)
document_08 (238kb)
document_09a (208kb)
document_09b (430kb)
document_10 (759kb)
document_11 (538kb)

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