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The Impact of Railroads on New York State in the 1800s
Students learn how railroads began to overtake the Erie Canal in importance in the mid-1800s, were vital to the Civil War, connected all major cities in New York State, and promoted the growth of other cities and towns by the 1870s.

Publication Date: December 1969

Number of pages: 19 total (cover page - 1; teacher guide - 6; student DBQ - 5; primary source documents - 7)

PDF files available for download:
Teachers Guide and DBQs (182kb)

Primary Source Documents:
document_01 (784kb)
document_02 (848kb)
document_03 (645kb)
document_04 (947kb)
document_05 (412kb)
document_06 (656kb)
document_07 (2 Mb)

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