Ox-Cart Man
Grades: pre-K to 2nd | Duration: 2 hours

Donald Hall’s book, "Ox-Cart Man," comes to life for young visitors as they partake in hands-on activities and explore Lippitt Farmstead and the 19th century historic village. This tour has been adapted to meet the new Common Core State Standards!

Download our updated Educator’s Guide.

Common Core State Standards
English Language Arts Standards

• Reading Standards for Literature (RL)
--- Key Ideas and Details
--- Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
• Speaking and Listening Standards (SL)
--- Comprehension and Collaboration
--- Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
• Language Standards (L)
--- Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
• Mathematics Standards
--- Geometry (K.G)
--- Measurement Data (1.MD, 2.MD)

New York State Learning Standards
English Language Arts Standard 1, 4
Social Studies Standard 1
Economics Standard 4

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