Blacksmithing is just one hands on activity in these workshops.

19th Century Life Workshops
Grades: 4th to 12th | Duration: 3 hours

This program provides the opportunity to focus on period trades, crafts, farm life, or leisure and entertainment of the mid-nineteenth century. It includes a 90 minute hands-on workshop, followed by a 90 minute contextual tour of the historic village.

The workshop offerings include:

Blacksmith’s Apprentice
Roll up your sleeves and find your favorite hammer! In this workshop, students will explore the duties and responsibilities of a blacksmith’s apprentice, and learn the skills to make an iron hook. (Min. 5, Max. 5)

The Printer’s Devil
Become the “Printer’s Devil” to the Master Printer and learn the art and mystery of the trade. Students create a piece of printed material. (Min. 5, Max. 5)

Pharmacy: Medicines and Remedies
Learn about the varied life of the village pharmacist, and then step up to the counter to try your hand at making medicines. Participants will learn to steep tea and make their own lip salve. (Min. 5, Max. 5)

Life on the Farm
Head down to the Farm to learn about what life was like for children on an 1845 farmstead! Half the group will help out with farm chores while the other half prepares a meal on the open hearth for all to share.
This workshop requires two chaperones. (Min. 10, Max. 12)

Explore Haudenosaunee culture and lifestyle in this workshop. Students will have the opportunity to weave their own basket while learning about the history of the Six Nations. (Min. 10, Max. 10)

What did children do during leisure time in the 19th century? Discover the history of traditional paper cutting and try your hand at a unique design in this workshop. Students will create and mount their own paper picture. (Min. 10, Max. 12)

Join in on another popular paper craft: quilling! Quilling is the art of curling thin strips of paper into intricate designs, and was found on all sorts of everyday items during the 19th century. Participating students will design and decorate their own quilled item. (Min. 10, Max. 10)

Reverse Painting on Glass
Learn how to paint backwards in this folk art workshop! Students will learn the technique of reverse painting and create their own unique, framed piece to bring home. (Min. 10, Max. 20)

A Stitch in Time
Can you sew? How about put buttons on a shirt? Mend a tear in your pants? Boys and girls during the 19th century could, and did! You will learn the basics of sewing in this workshop, and demonstrate your skill by sewing a drawstring bag to take home. (Min. 10, Max. 12)

Walk on the Wild Side
Come take a ride through New York State history using the various murals, relief carvings, and animals of the Empire State Carousel as your guide. Although this workshop is not focused on 19th century life, it has been a popular option for large groups. Students will have the opportunity to create their own animal to take home. (Min. 10, Max. 15)

New York State Learning Standards
Social Studies Standard 1
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Standard 1, 5

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