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36th Conference on New York State History
The 36th Conference on New York State History will take place June 18-20, 2015, and will be hosted by Niagara University.


Download the complete 2015 CNYSH Schedule here (pdf) COMING SOON

What Is the Conference?
The Conference on New York State History is an annual meeting of academic and public historians, librarians and archivists, educators, publishers, and other interested individuals who come together to discuss topics and issues related to the people of New York State in historical perspective and to share information and ideas regarding historical research, programming, and the networking of resources and services.

Presentation formats may include:
• Presentation sessions (Chair and 3 presenters; 75 minutes)
• Panel/Roundtable discussion sessions (Chair/Moderator and 3–4 panelists; 75 minutes)
• Workshops and practical sessions (workshops 3–5 hours; practical sessions 75 minutes)
• Individual presentations (25 minutes)
Preference will be given to full session proposals. We encourage presenters to take a dynamic approach, including
the use of visual and audio aids, audience participation, and discussions, rather than solely reading a paper.

Conference Lodging

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The New York State Historical Association is proud to sponsor the
Conference in collaboration with the New York State Archives Partnership
Trust and New York State Museum.

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