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Enliven your students' winter experience by joining the staff of The Farmers' Museum for Winter Workshops (available December - March). This program provides the opportunity to focus on period trades, crafts, farm life, or leisure and entertainment of the mid-nineteenth century. The program includes an on-site museum tour, prior to the workshops that concentrates on life and work in the time frame, plus a curriculum guide with pre-visit activities and lesson plans. A variety of workshops are offered.
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Meanings of the Mask
Grades: 2nd to 5th | Duration: 2 hours

Natural Neighbors
Grades: pre-K to 1st | Duration: 2 hours

Through the Eyes of Grandma Moses
Grades: 3rd to 5th | Duration: 2 hours


Sheep to Cloak
Grades: pre-K to 3rd | Duration: 2 hours

19th Century Life Workshops
Grades: 4th to 12th | Duration: 3 hours

Walk on the Wild Side
Grades: 4th to 7th | Duration: 2 hours

Your Community and The Empire State Carousel
Grades: pre-K to 3rd | Duration: 2 hours

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