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Dixon Ryan Fox Manuscript Prize

Manuscripts may deal with any aspect of New York State history. Manuscripts may not have been accepted for final publication at the time of submission to the New York State Historical Association. Biographies of individuals whose careers illuminate aspects of the history of the state are eligible, as are manuscripts dealing with such cultural matters as literature and the arts, provided that in such cases the methodology is historical. Works of fiction and works of article length are not eligible.

Deadline for submissions is March 1. The winner receives a cash prize of $3,000. There are no application forms and we do not accept hard copies. For submissions, please send a printable PDF of the full manuscript, table of contents and an abstract as separate files to publications@nysha.org.

See a list of past winners (pdf)


2010John L. Brooke, Columbia Rising: Civil Life on the Upper Hudson from the Revolution to the Age of Jackson
2011David Schuyler, The Sanctified Landscape, The Mid-Hudson Valley, 1820-1909
2012Brian Purnell, A Movement Grows in Brooklyn: The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Civil Rights Movement in Brooklyn, New York
2013Cindy R. Lobel, Ph.D., "The Appetite of the Metropolis" Food and Culture in Nineteenth-Century New York City (University of Chicago Press).
2014Marsha Barrett, Nelson Rockefeller, Racial Politics, and the Undoing of Moderate Republicanism
2015Kyle B. Roberts, Evangelical Gotham: Religion and the Making of New York City, 1783-1860 (University of Chicago Press).
2016Joyce D. Goodfriend , Who Should Rule at Home: Confronting the Elite in British New York City (Cornell University Press).

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