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Kerr History Prize

Endowed by Paul S. Kerr, and named for him by the board of trustees, this $1,000 prize is awarded each year to the best article published in New York History, as judged by a special trustee committee.


2010Christopher Geherin, New Guinea: Racial Identity and Inclusion in the Stockbridge and Brothertown Indian Communities of New York
2012Tom D. Crouch, Ph.D, The Aeronautic Society of New York and the Birth of American Aviation, 1908-1918
2013Laurence M. Hauptman, Ph.D, On and Off State Time: William N. Fenton and the Seneca Indians in Crisis, 1954-1968
2014Kees-Jan Waterman and Jan-Noel, Not Confined to the Village Clearings: Indian Women in the Fur Trade in Colonial New York, 1695-1732
2015Barry Goldberg , “That Jewish Crowd:” Prejudice, Protest and the Policies of Fair Employment and Education Law in New York, 1945-1950
2016Abby Shelton , “Her Humble Estate”: Poverty and Widowhood in Seventeenth-Century New York

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